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Happy 7th Birthday!!

Russ a posted Nov 30, 14
Once again, it is time to celebrate the passage of another year.

We've made the observation time and time again that Archetype has transitioned from a simple guild to a community.  I'd argue that it more closely resembles a family now than a simple community.  As I look back on what has been accomplished by our membership over the past year, I think first of those who have gotten married, had a child together, lost a tremendous amount of weight, started a new job, purchased a new home, bought a new car, or made some other major personal advancement to better their lives.  We've seen the children of members grow up before our eyes over the past seven years.  We've seen a member become a grandparent again.  Any in-game accomplishments are secondary to all of this.  

It continues to be a privilege and a source of great personal pride to be a part of this group.  

As we begin another year, the new WoW expansion has brought many familiar faces back from months (if not years) of inactivity.  Try to take a few moments to say hello - or, introduce yourself for the first time.  What an exciting time!
Fefina a It is really nice to see some friendly faces again - welcome back Veterans!
This is a bit delayed but worth celebrating, nonetheless!

Our gaming family was born on December 1st, 2007, and we have been running strong ever since. 
We've had many hiccups along the way, but through our commitment to each other and to our love of gaming, 
we pulled through. With each upset we persevered and became stronger and wiser, and now here we are in our 6th year - 
we've stayed together longer than most guilds can boast, and that's something to be proud of.

We have at last succumbed to 10 mans, like every other guild on our server, however we were the "last man standing" in 25s 
for a very long time. We continue to plow through Mists of Pandaria, and are currently working through the last 3 bosses of 
Seige of Orgrimmar, and our progression is steady and persistent. 

I think I can safely speak for everyone on the Guild Council when I say we are proud of you, Archetype; you continue to impress
 and amaze us. Stay steady and strong, and above all else, stick together!
Strikegodd I would like to post Happy Bday to the guild on the behalf of me and Holywon it was an honor to have played with you guy ...
Putress Woot happy bday and grats on all the kills.
Fefina a ONE boss to go!
Syndrith, High Priestess of Lolth is no more!

After many attempts and numerous strategies, we finally defeated Syndrith. We are proud to say that we didn't use any exploits or short 
cuts, and we did it our way - our usual badass dps, and such an intense desire to squish her into the pavement that 
we refused to leave without finishing her off. 

Next on the list for us will be the Frozen Heart, otherwise known by our succinct crew as "Frost Dungeon." Stay tuned!

(By the way, that is her mangled leg in the picture... this game isn't the greatest for screenies so we're going to have to get artistic.)
Syndrith, High Priestess
Cynec That cleric in the foreground just don't give no fucks. To be fair, the kill was mostly due to her clutch 500 point heal ...
Malevolent (Benevolent) See that side boob? That's MY side boob! Awesome pic of an awesome accomplishment!
Putress Such a great feeling completing this dungeon!

Thunder crashes no more

Tokrath posted Aug 7, 13
At long last Archetype has cleared the last boss in Throne of Thunder. We decided it was time for this boss to die so we extended the lockout for a week and spent 2 days working on him. We got close but the RNG wasn't kind to us so we were forced to go home empty handed. Not wanting to give up we decided to extend the lock out another week. Ready to go in on Tuesday we were defeated not by the boss but by RL keeping just enough of our raid from going so we didn't have a group. Rather then let this get us down it made us even more determined to take down this boss next time. So on Sunday we knew it was time for him to die. We went in with a full raid and knew if we had to fight all night we would. Turns out all we needed was 5 pulls. Now at last the thunder king has bowed to us.

Lei Shen
Argox Grats everyone! Keep kicking butt!
Fefina a Good job - Archetype wins once again!

Neverwinter Online

Fefina a posted Jul 22, 13
Hello Archetypians! After several guild-wide disappointments and burn-outs in the gaming world, such as SWTOR, DIII, and Tera, we have finally found a new game worth playing! For several months now, Archetype has been heroically conquering internet dragons in Neverwinter Online. 

However, our adventuring team could use a few more able bodied individuals to help us protect the innocent and (should you be so inclined) win phat lewts!

I know what you're thinking - free to play? More like pay to win. I was skeptical as well, but we have living, breathing proof that you don't have to pay to win: Rukazor has not spent a dime on the game and he is kicking evil monster butt! This game is free, and there is no monthly subscription. With a little help from your epic Archetype friends, you can painlessly get everything you need to defeat the epic dungeons with us without having to spend any money. 

While we can't speak to this game's PvP, we are all in agreement that the 5 man dungeons, which can be quite challenging, are what makes this game so great. There are also Foundry quests (player made quests) which you can create should you enjoy that kind of thing, and I've heard that they are even making plans to allow players to create their own dungeons and PvP maps. This game has so much to offer and what's better, your friends are playing it! :)

We have a very casual approach right now, without any scheduled dungeon days or times, and so far that's working out nicely. The only thing we're missing is YOU!

So if you're looking for a casual game that's fun to play, come join us! We have a strong need for Control Wizards and we could use another Trickster Rogue. Wizards are amazing at keeping adds busy and off the healer while the killer Rogue destroys the boss. But play whatever will make you happy! We are on the Beholder server.

PM me or Spiral for more info. 

Kaelthras a Rolled a rogue - having a blast!
Limouri So, I've been playing this game like mad...Level 20. Needless to say its taken me away from WoW some what since i have n ...
azureleigh Tried it.. Playing it.. Loving it!
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